Pastor T.J. and Lady Lillian Patterson have been married for forty-five glorious years. Their marriage has yielded seven wonderful children, seven grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. Pastor Patterson graduated from James B. Dudley High School in 1968, after high school he served in the United States Coast Guard then attended Barber-Scotia College in Concord, NC where he majored in Psychology and minored in Religion.

Pastor Patterson was saved and filled with God’s precious Holy Ghost on July 29, 1971, at the All Nations Pentecostal Holiness Church located in McLeansville, NC. There he was nurtured and guided in the Gospel by Pastor Virginia Williams.

After Pastor Williams past away in 1973 Pastor Patterson became a member of the Greensboro Deliverance Center under the direction of Pastors Roger and Annie Greer of Akron Ohio. Pastor Patterson was called into the ministry in 1976, where he studied under the Miracle Revival Fellowship Church of Akron, Ohio, again under the direction of Pastors Roger and Annie Greer. He later served as Assistant Pastor at the Greensboro Deliverance Center Church.
In 1982 the Lord laid a burden on his heart to start a radio ministry for those that really wanted the TRUTH, hence was born the Power for Living Broadcast on WEAL radio which led to the Power for Living Tabernacle Church being born in 1987 now located at 544 S. Mendenhall St. Greensboro, NC. The PLT Church stands ready to deliver the Gospel of Jesus Christ to anyone that wants to be TRULY FREE!!